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Sensory Room for children opens at ADAPT

ADAPT Child & Youth service has developed a Sensory Room.

This room will aid the work of the staff in supporting children who experience domestic abuse as it will provide space to support children who may display anxiety and or feelings to relax and unwind.  In addition the ADAPT Child & Youth service has supported children with different needs and abilities.

Sensory Room for children opens at ADAPT

ADAPT Child & Youth Service initial idea was to have a room where children can have space to chill out, relaxing and calm.

Benefits of the Sensory Room

  • Support Children With  Difficult Behaviour - Sensory environments can be highly absorbing, providing a moment of comfort and calm for overactive and distressed individuals, and helping inactive individuals to feel better engaged. This improves focus and prevents users from getting the urge to ‘act up’
  • Improve Balance, Movement and Spatial Orientation - Sensory rooms can help develop users’ visual processing abilities as well as their fine and gross motor skills, facilitating day-to-day living.
  • Enhance Learning and Play – following on from this, sensory stimulation can engage different areas of the brain, helping children absorb and retain more information and better meeting the needs of the individual
  • Sensory Stimulation – by encouraging the user to engage and explore the environment then it can have positive effects on their ability to react and interact with the larger world around them

The Equipment that is in the room is a swing chair, fidget gadets, sensory mood table, bean bags and cushions. The opening of the room has gone down well with the children who use the service.



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