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Volunteering with ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services

Thank you for your interest in ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services. We are committed to offering quality experience to volunteers who want to support our work  and to develop their own skills and expertise in a relevant area. Potential volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and are interested in different aspects of our work.

Download our Volunteer Application form here


Volunteering Options

  • Some volunteers support us with our many fundraising events throughout the year
  • Some come from the social service/care sector and are interested in developing their professional skills by working directly with the women and/or children
  • Some offer practical skills and expertise and want to contribute to the running of the organisation or the refuge
  • Some bring specific administrative or IT skills and want to work in areas such as fundraising, administration or awareness raising   

Whatever role you play, we welcome the enthusiasm, energy and expertise that you bring and we want to maximise the benefits of your participation – benefits to you, to ADAPT and to the women and children who use our services.


Volunteer profile of Margaret Hennessy


Margaret is a skilled Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) & Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner and has been volunteering with ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services since January 2012. EFT (also known as Tapping) is a technique which helps move energy through the body. EFT works on meridian points to release negative energy which may be frozen in our bodies due to stress or trauma. When this energy is released it leaves people feeling relaxed and much calmer, allowing them to move on with their lives. Margaret has also used Matrix Re-Imprinting, which sees past negative memories being held as pictures in our body field. Matrix Re-Imprinting transforms these memories creating both physical and emotional healing. By using EFT in conjunction with this technique, the process is accelerated.


“In my experience when someone has a shock or a trauma their energy freezes in that moment and with the help of tapping we can free the energy around the event and in turn free the negative emotions associated with it”.

Margaret contacted ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services to volunteer when she saw for herself the benefits of EFT & Matrix Re-Imprinting. Margaret works with women who have experienced domestic abuse and uses EFT to help the women cope with traumas they may have experienced.

“Volunteering with ADAPT has opened up a whole new world to me. I find ADAPT to have a great sense of community and it is very supportive. I am delighted to be part of this. Many of the women that I have worked with have felt the benefits of EFT. It gives me great joy to see them more relaxed and confident in themselves.  The fact that I may have helped even just one person to feel better about themselves makes it all worthwhile.”

Margaret Hennessy 
Advanced EFT & Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner


Volunteering and Social Welfare Payments


According to the Department of Social Protection you may volunteer if you are receiving the following payments:

  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Job Seekers Benefit
  • Illness benefit or disability benefit
  • Disability Allowance
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Blind Persons Pension

Please log on to the Department of Social Protection or call them at 1890 66 22 44 for information about the conditions that apply to the various payments.


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